Tournament Results

Each year, the 1st place offshore winner is given The Dylan Cup, named in memory of our dear friend, Dylan Price, who passed away in 2013 at the age of 16. Read about Dylan and the naming of the The Dylan Cup.

2018 Offshore Tournament Winners: “Carolina Lady”

David Abraham , Chris Terrell, Charlie Harrell, Mate Patrick Spickett, Capt. Fred Willis, Carl Howard (with Sandy Price, mother of Dylan Cup’s namesake)


2nd Place – “Bill Collector”: David Stout, Nathan Isner, Andy Peeples, Quincey King, Dean Mandaleris, John Hedrick, Capt. Steven Draughn, Mate Nathan Newland

Biggest Fish – 53.6 lb Wahoo: Matt White on “Bootlegger”

Lady Angler – 48.3 lb Wahoo: Lauren Williams on “ALL IN”

Junior Angler – 27.5 lb Wahoo: Banks Gurganus on “Shenandoah”



1st Place – “Team Triad Commercial”: Tom Townes, Jason Ofansko, Reggie Beason, Capt. Stewart Merritt

2nd Place – “Team Graham”: Gary Graham, Garland Graham, Sully Graham, Will Graham, Ali Ryniewicz, Dylan Volk

Biggest Fish – 9.7 lb Drum: Tom Townes on “Salt Air Ventures”

Junior Angler – 1.9 lb Bluefish: JD Digby on “Chasin’ Tails”



Previous Tournament Winners:

2017 – “Reel Country”
Mark Ellington, Matt Logan, Jim Molinaro, Oliver Lloyd, Capt. Mark “Microwave” Chambers, Pepe Silva. Not pictured: Todd Wade, Mate Dylan Rhudy


Reelin' For Research Dylan Cup Winner

2016 – “Coverage”, Team Finn
Alex Werden, Dr. Phillip Roehrs, Craig McIntosh, Allen Lee, Dr. Stuart Gold. Not pictured: Beau McIntosh, Capt. Hunter Blount, Mate JD Payne








2015 – “Bluewater”
Alex Whitfield, Mary Whitfield, Molly Skinner, Meghan Hawkins, Mark Thompson (pictured with Price family). Not pictured: Capt. Jimmy Hite, Mate Patrick DuFour








2014 – “Catbaby”
Drew Logan, Mitch Taylor, Capt. Jon Henry, Zack Taylor







2013 – “Sensation”
Capt. Dale Britt, Drayton Calmes, Ben Lovelace, Allen Oakley, Graham McNeil, Courtney Friedman, Thomas Gore, 1st Mate Alan “Big Country” Scibal








2012 – “Fight-n-Lady”
1st Mate Gray Harris, Jim Molinaro, Matt Logan, Patrick Theismann, Dee Hobbs, Chris Cordisco, Todd Wade. Not pictured: Capt. Pete Zook








2011 – “Chain Link”
Bobby Bachelor, Ben Seegars, Capt. Ralph Griffin, John Seegars, Scott Lafevers, Matt Spencer, 1st Mate John Huff








2010 – “Bill Collector”
Quincy King, 1st Mate Wade Fickling, Nathan Isner, Dave Stout, Allen Cooke, Walker Holt. Not pictured: Capt. Stephen Draughon, Tom Hall














2009 – “Bill Collector”
Capt. Stephen Draughon, 1st Mate Wade Fickling, Allen Cooke, David Stout, Walker Holt, Will Bullock, Quincy King, Nathan Isner